Honoring Linda Pearson Belton

The loss of Linda Pearson Belton, (widow of Zack Belton) due to Coronavirus, on August 10, 2020, is sorrowfully felt by family, friends, and love ones. She was the mother of three devoted children, R...

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Dump Trump

Hopefully, everyone has voted in the Primary Election that ended August 18, and elected the first African American female judge in Duval County as well as other representatives. Now gear up for the Ge...

Southeast / Florida - 2 months ago






Hardin-Who Owns the Rights to Black Thought?

People get mad at me often for the things I unapologetically write and have the courage to say publicly. Skinfolk get real swollen when I criticize anything Black that I feel deserves it. Why is it an expectation that we all have to think the same way on issues involving Black people and culture? Wh...

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